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About Us

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The Group

Foster Events Group - The management team of Carl Foster and his team of partners bring over 50 years of sports and entertainment event fundraising, staging hundreds of functions from celebrity golf and tennis events  to concerts and more.  The Foster Events Group also owns and manages two of pickleball's largest tournaments - The Masters and the Delray Beach Open.   Additionally, the Masters was one of the most watched pickleball tournament of 2022 with hundred's of thousands of streams, bypassing Major League Pickleball, APP, and PPA tournaments! 

National Pickleball Expo  - With the popularity of pickleball bursting at the seams, it was time for pickleball's first trade show to hit the scene.  The National Pickleball Expo is the nation's first pickleball expo and premiered in 2022 to thousands of people in West Palm Beach, FL and will continue to bring pickleball promotion, education and fun to cities throughout the nation.


Inside WORLD Pickleball has been a staple and most watched show in pickleball for the past two years as seen on the FOX Sports Network and CBS Sports.  Hosted by Carl Foster of the Foster Events Group, Inside WORLD Pickleball is excited for it's 3rd Season which will also be broadcast worldwide via Amazon new TV Channel, PICKLE TV.  

Entities - Related entities include the Masters Pickleball Tournament, the Delray Beach Pickleball Open, The National Pickleball League, the Foster Events Group, the National Pickleball Expo, Inside World Pickleball. 



The Merge

With the popularity of Pickleball exploding, it only made sense to combine the talents and efforts of these entities to produce more quality events, richer content, and expert consulting to all entities, on all fronts, and for the greater good of pickleball. 

Our strategic services now encompass event production, marketing and sponsorship sales, PR, radio and television media, and complete event and center management.


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